Whether you’re implementing a new HRMS system or introducing new users to your current system, training is a key area to consider. Without proper HRMS training, even the best system will be misunderstood and underutilized. By planning ahead, you can ensure that the right training methods will support your HRMS implementation and contribute to the successful adoption of the technology. Here are some important training tips to consider:

Role-Based Training
There are many different audiences when it comes to an HRMS system. You have HR professionals, managers, and training2the employee. Each of these users have a different role in how they navigate and use the system and training should be geared towards their particular activities. Instead of having everyone sit through the same training activities, you should gather like professionals, such as groups of managers, and then to present system responsibilities specific to their role.

It is also important to learn how different the old processes are from the new ones and incorporate change management as appropriate into your training. More often than not, it’s not the system itself that causes the issue, but employees and managers that fail to understand why they are being asked to complete certain tasks.

Classroom-Based Training
Classroom training is still the best option to get users away from their desks and focused on HRMS training. In this environment, it’s possible for users to ask questions, and for instructors to gauge how well they are picking up the information. One downfall of classroom-based training is the logistics for a large organization – and with multiple locations – to get together in this setting.

Train the Trainer
Train the Trainer sessions may be the right option if your HR department is a busy group. By sending one person through HRMS training, they can come back and apply what they’ve learned and train their colleagues in real-world scenarios.

All of these options can be implemented in any organization. The key to successful HRMS training strategy is to understand the needs of the user along with the intricacies of the HRMS system.